GPS Rallye

Explore Cologne on your own!
Equipped with a modern GPS unit can be
divided into teams for a rally at which occurs a
lot of fun and group dynamics. In the contest for
the victory you are adventures to prove strategic
skills, identify sites and get on top of that
kölsches insider knowledge. The visit ends with
an amusing ceremony. The GPS rally is suitable
for groups of all ages.
Groups of up to always. 20 people

Number 0 Period of time whole year
Location cologne Price p. p. € 290,00 (group price)
Duration 2,50 hours Availability request >>
Participant 20
Ufos - they have landed

A flashing spaceship, complete silence and
darkness! What has happened?
Support our experts to come Rufos All around
the mysterious happenings at the track. What is
the scoop on the alleged "aliens"? Are they
really there and what has this got to do with
For our aliens - GPS team, we are still looking
for reinforcement! Are you ready to go to the
UFO mystery why?
Groups of up to always. 20 people

Number 0 Period of time whole year
Location cologne Price p. p. € 390,00 (group price)
Duration 2,50 hours Availability request >>
Participant 20
TV studio tour

Explore the world of media from the other side of
the focusing screen! If everything is still and the
scenes are deserted, the show TV studios a very
unfamiliar face. A guided tour of the television arena
by Günther Jauch, goats Oliver and Co. can get a
fascinating insight into the enormous cost of a TV
production. You can see the latest high-tech
cameras and getting a lot of insider knowledge.

Number 0 Period of time whole year
Location cologne Price p. p. € 15,00 p.p.
Duration 1,50 hours Availability request >>

Come and experience the very best. Welcome to our exciting fantasy world for the young and old!

Six unique theme areas with superb attractions and award-winning shows mean that there's something for everyone here!

Number 23 Period of time Apr.-Nov.
Location Brühl Price p. p. € 26,50 p. P.
Duration day ticket Availability request >>
Participant optional
Ski hall Neuss: the "Wiesn"-Olympics

Test your capability of getting by in the Alps!

The Ski hall in Neuss has many fun promising offers to make. You can ski on artificial snow or you can compete in a very original discipline:

the so-called "Wiesn"-Olympics. (Wiesn=venue of the famous Oktoberfest).

For this purpose you enter a fun-sport-course with stations such as cow-milking or stemming beer mugs.

Biathlon-fans have the opportunity to try out the original laser shooting range and the cross-country-ski simulator.

Skilled hosts are at your disposal who at the end even will elect the prizewinner of the group and decorate him or her with a medal and a certificate.

Number 640 Period of time Jan.-Dec.
Location Neuss Price p. p. prices on application
Duration optional Availability request >>
Participant optional

Enjoy the great fun of ten-pin bowling!

Additionally you find arcade games and amusements, great food and excellent value.

Find a great location for league play, birthday parties, and special events.

Number 307 Period of time Jan. - Dec.
Location Köln Price p. p. € 10,00 p. P.
Duration 2 h Availability request >>
Participant optional
Cable Car

Take off for Fun Sky-High!

The cable car, Cologne's safest form of transport, offers you the most attractive bird's eye view of the city. Take a leisurely trip across "Old Father Rhine" and admire the city's fascinating panorama.

Enjoy a relaxing view of Cologne as you cross unhurriedly from one bank to the other.


Number 308 Period of time April - November
Location Köln Price p. p. € 5,00 journey there € 7,50 with return
Duration 15 min. Availability request >>
Participant optional